Alternative paths and people

Seville the way WE LIKE IT! Full of collective initiatives, full of people that gather a lot of energy with the aim of making this world a little bit better, starting from their local environment. That side of Seville that doesn’t bow down to mass production, to homologated aesthetic and to IKEA cups (even if we all have it at home!).

We invite you to know the bohemian side of Seville, its alternative and creative face (and a little bit hipster too!), to have a chat with artists, to lend them a hand or to set the rhythm if necessary.

Through this experience we’d love you to feel like in a local’s skin, to discover from where Sevillian artists get their inspiration to create their pieces, their melodies or they social initiatives.

What we would like to show you

* Hercules Alameda with its Columns,  or “where everything started”.
* Feria street market, one of the oldest and most lively in town.
* Macarena Basilica, yes you’re right, this name should ring a bell.
* Pumarejo square, where everything can happen.
* San Luis street and its churches, since its beginning as a Roman axis it’s still a central artery in the city.
* Pasaje Mallol, the bohemian street where all the workshops are: we’ll see a demonstration with Ale, a blacksmith.
* Pelícano workshops, browsing around pottery, woodwork, wood invention and more.
* Rey Moro garden, a hidden paradise for all ages.

Why to prefer this tour


  • 1 or 2 persons - 92 €
  • 3 or 4 persons - 112 €
  • 5 or 6 persons - 152 €



Hercule's Alameda


2h 30m


Guide - Smiles - Hugs


Tips - Tickets for the monuments - Food and drinks

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